The path is of intermediate level. Although no rock climbing is necessary the person who intends to do this trip must be familiar with mountain walking and be fit enough to walk a long distance on an uneven path. In summer the weather can be very hot and in winter Alpine conditions can be expected in the high altitudes. It must be remembered that there is only one drinkable water source which is about midway. If you are fit, you can walk up and return in one day. To do so you must start in the morning since itís cooler and a duration of about 9-10 hours needs to be allowed. Sections of the path can also be walked with alternative returns. Even covering the first section (from pts. 1 to 2) and going to Ovacik should be appreciated as a good alternative that would take about 90 min. Light but strong boots,  suitable clothing for the season, a bottle of water, some energy providing food and a torch are essential. Other advisable items are a compass, altimeter, mobile phone, radio, camera, first aid kit, survival or bivuak bag, hat and suncream. You must be aware of hypothermia, hyperthermia, dehydration and the effects of strong sunlight and sudden altitude changes. Your rucksack shouldnít weigh more than 10 kg. while half of this is  advised. Heavy weight can adversely effect your balance and performance. In case of an emergency there are motor roads or other paths leading to roads explained in this guide. Mobile phones generally work except the section between pts. 4 to 6. Yet, rescue facilities in Turkey are not as good as in Western countries. If conditions are not suitable donít continue, itís better to try again another day. Descending from an inclined path carries a greater risk of losing oneís balance, compared to ascending. Carefully watch the surface of the path since itís easy to trip over a stone or a piece of wood. Donít try the trip if under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if too tired or suffering from lack of sleep. Please keep the environment clean and natural. Please donít burn fires or leave any litter on any part of Babadag. It would be appreciated if you collect any that you see. We wish you a great day.


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